Top 18 Tips to Increase Fuel Efficiency

Nowadays fuel prices have gone up so everyone looking out for tips on How to Increase Fuel Efficiency. While purchasing a new vehicle they also look for fuel economy due to the tremendous increase in the fuel prices. People also want to know how to maintain their vehicles and reduce maintenance costs. So let’s see how we can increase the mileage of our vehicle and maintain it in proper condition.

Tips to Increase Fuel Efficiency

Tip to Increase Fuel Efficiency / Mileage / Fuel Economy:

Do not Quick Start: Quick starting leads to increase in fuel consumption so it recommended that you do not quick start your vehicle.

Accelerate Smoothly: Accelerate slowly / smoothly don’t press throttle quickly. Accelerating quickly will consume more fuel.

Keep Tires Properly Inflated: Check Tire Pressure regularly once in a month especially when your vehicle is off for some days or if the weather is cold. Proper Tire Pressure can help to increase performance and fuel efficiency.

Keep Air Filter Clean: Check if your Air Filter is dirty and clean regularly every month especially when your driving on dirty roads.Clogged Air Filter will lead to the decrease in performance and fuel efficiency whereas clean filter provides better performance and fuel efficiency. So clean your air filter or change it if necessary.

Air-Conditioning: Try to minimize usage of air conditioning when the engine of your vehicle is idle.

Cruise Control: If your car has Cruise Control using it can be a better idea, as it keeps your speed steady and helps to increase fuel efficiency.

Clean Vehicle: It is recommended to remove unwanted things from your car at least once in a week. Removing unwanted things will lighten up your vehicle and improve fuel efficiency and performance.

Proper Tuning: We all know that poor tuning of the vehicle leads to increase in fuel consumption. So it is advisable to take your vehicle for tuning.

Drive on 2WD: If your are driving SUV with 4WD, in normal running condition use 2WD, if you use it in 4WD all time then it will consume more fuel.

Switch Off Engine: Put off your engine if you have to wait for more than 1 minute. But don’t put it off if you have to wait for less than 30 seconds.

Close Windows on Highway: Avoid driving with windows fully open on the highway, as driving at high speed with open windows will consume more fuel because of aerodynamic drag.

Park In Shady Areas: Parking in shady areas will minimize evaporation of fuel.

Use Filming on Glass if Allowed: Tinted glass minimizes heat inside the car and help to reduce usage of air-conditioning. So it is advisable to use filing on the glass  if filming is allowed in your state.

Manual Transmission: Manual Transmission Car gives better fuel efficiency than Automatic ones. So if your planning to buy one then buy the one with manual transmission.

Drive in Low Gear: If you are driving manual gears vehicle, then drive your vehicle in lowest gear whenever possible. For example, if you have a car with seven gears including reverse, then first gear will be the high gear and sixth gear will be the lowest one.

Keep Distance: Keep distance between vehicle while driving. Keeping distance will minimize the usage of applying brakes and accelerating back again and again. Keeping distance will allow you to drive at constant speed and will increase your mileage.

Free Flow Filter: It is recommended to use free flow filter if you are driving on dirty roads regularly. Free Flow Air Filters from K&N can Increase Performance as well as Fuel Efficiency and they are reusable you can wash them and re-oil them more than 100 times, unlike paper filter which you have to replace again and again.

Remove Roof Rack: It is advisable to remove roof rack from your vehicle when not necessary. Removing it lighten up your vehicle and help to increase fuel efficiency.

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  1. Great tips for fuel efficiency! I try to save the environment whenever I can. Its important to spread awareness of this since many of us forget about the carbon footprint we leave behind with our own personal errands.

  2. Oh there are so may things on this list that I could do!!! 2 that stand out would be “lighten the load” — seriously where did all that junk come from? and accelerate smoothly — enough said! LOL thanks for posting

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