How to Increase Loading Speed of Blog

Loading Speed of Site or Blog plays a very important role to increase your Search Engine Ranking, Alexa Ranking and much more. If your site is loading fast then your will get more visits as visitors and search engine loves fast sites, blogs. So it is important to Improve Speed of Site or Blog if you want to get more visitors or want to Increase or Improve your Site Ranking.

So follow the things which we have given below to improve your log loading time.

Externalize CSS from your template

CSS ( Cascading Style Sheets ) occupy maximum space of template so try to externalize them so that the size of the template decreases and your blog loads faster.

Compress JavaScript from your template

Compress JavaScript of your template so that it uses less space on your template and site gets loads faster. Try to highly compress it with software’s like YUI Compressor or Gzip. You can also compress your JavaScript online. There are many online JavaScript compressor which offer online compression without using any software.

Compress CSS from your template

Compressing CSS can save some KB’s of your template as CSS occupy major space of our template and can help to increasing blog loading speed. You can compress css for free using any online css compressor. But compressing css would make it difficult for you to edit css codes. So compressing css for increasing page speed is not a good idea, but you can compress if you want to save some space and increase speed.

Remove Unwanted CSS

If you are using template which is not developed / designed by you, i mean the template which you have downloaded and using or by anyone else, then mostly template will have lots of unwanted CSS codes, so if you know css then you can remove such codes, so that your site speed gets increase.

Reduce Displaying too Many Ads

If your are displaying too many ads then it will be advisable to reduce some. Using too many ads wont increase your income much but will decrease the speed of your site and ranking.

Remove Pop-Up Widgets and Ads

It is advisable to remove Pop-Up widgets and ads if you are using it on your site, as popup widgets and ads will waste users time as sites wont be displayed directly, and some users might find it irritating to close pop-up to view your site / blog and will close it and will never open it again.

Remove Redirection Ads from Top Category Bar and Article links

If you using redirection ads like ad-focus, ad-fly or any other redirection ads in top category bar or in back-links of your articles then remove it, users might consider it as irritating and it will also increase the page loading time.

Remove Unwanted Widgets

Remove unwanted or unnecessary widgets from your blog / site as widgets make your blog / site loads slower. So only keep widgets which are necessary, don’t use too many widgets or don’t repeat widgets, otherwise it will decrease your Page Speed.

Reduce Unwanted Widgets Code

Try to remove unwanted widget by editing widget code from template or try to compress widget codes.

Reduce Using too Many Images

Do not use too many pictures in your blog template or site it will it will decrease blog loading speed, so if you want to increase your blog loading speed use less images.

Combine all script

Combine all JavaScript into one single java-script file. This will help you to reduce external java-script link and will increase blog loading speed.

Re-Size Images Before Uploading

Instead of uploading images directly in original size and then adjusting it using html or css, it is advisable to re-size images to the size you want and then upload it.

Reduce Post Count Per Page

If you reduce post count per page then your site will load faster as less post will be displayed on page and it will help to load your site faster, but it might be a good idea if user gets bored to go to next page again and again.

Google Page Speed Tool

Use Google Page Speed Tool, it can help you a lot, it will analyse your site / blog it will show you your page speed score and will suggest you what to do to increase your blog speed.

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