How to Download Facebook Videos without using software

Facebook is a social networking site which allows you to update status, chat with friends, send messages to people, share location, create groups, pages, events, applications, play games, search people, video chat, write notes, update status, upload photos, videos and much more. When you open a photo on Facebook you would have noticed that in options of that photo you will be able to see download option which allows you to download that picture but for the video, you don’t find any such option. So we have decided to post a tutorial which will help you to learn How to Download Videos from Facebook without using any software.

Download Facebook Videos
To Download Facebook Videos Follow the instruction given below.
1. Log in to your Facebook Account.
2. Open the video which you want to download from FB.
3. You will be able to see in that you have to change it to the mobile version that is
4. After you change to mobile based version of Facebook you have to play video.
5. After you start playing video, right-click on that video and you will be able to see save video as an option like shown in the screenshot below.
6. You have to start playing video first or else you won’t be able to see save video as an option instead you will be able to see save picture as so to save video first you have to click on play and then right-click on the video and click on save video as.
7. After you click on save video as it will show two options like open with and save file, click on save file.
8. It will ask you where to save video, you can choose where to save like desktop or save it on default location, probably it would be saved in downloads if you don’t change location unless you have kept any other default saving location from browser settings.
9. After you choose the location, click on save.
10. The download will begin, it may take some time to download depending on video size and the speed of your net.

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