Identify Fake Profile Picture on Facebook

Nowadays lots of people create Fake Facebook Account. They use different pictures and names in their profiles which looks likes real and because of such reasons many people accept their friend request thinking they are genuine users. Creating a fake profile in others name or using their picture will be considered as a cyber crime as it comes under identity stealing. Even though Facebook offers you to report fake pictures or profiles, it is also recommended to file the report against such crimes or any other cyber crime by going to IC3 website.

Identify Fake Profile Picture on Facebook

Steps to Identify Fake Profile Picture on Facebook:

→ Login to your Facebook Account.

→ Visit the profile of the person and open his / her image which you want to find if real or fake.

→ Right-click on the image and navigate to save image as… and click on it.

→ Choose the location where you want to save that image and click on save.

→ Now open new tab and visit

→ After visiting Google images page, just drag the image which you had saved earlier and drop it into Google Images where it says drop image here after dragging it in Google images.

→ Wait for some time till image gets uploaded and after successfully completion of uploading process  result will be displayed on sites on which same or similar images are posted.

→ From this, you can find out if someone has downloaded that Picture from the internet or it is a real picture.

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