How to Send Photos in Facebook Chat

You would have noticed that Facebook is trying to add more and more features. Recently before four to five days Facebook had added a new feature to chat box which allows users to Send Photo in Facebook Chat Box. Users may find this feature very interesting as this might help them to make their conversation attractive. Before this feature, Facebook had added one more feature to chat box which allows users to send Facebook Smiley in the chat box. It can help users to save their time sending photos in chat, as before this feature arrived to send a picture, users have to go in messages then attach a picture and then send it.

How to Send Photos in Chat
This Facebook Feature is very user-friendly. To send a photo in chat box follow the steps given below.
1. Log in to your Facebook Account.
2. Click on the name of the person in chat list displayed on the right-hand corner of FB whom you want to send a picture.

3. After chat-box appears, you will be able to see camera logo at bottom of chat box like shown in the screenshot above.

4. Click on that, and you will be asked to select your photo / picture.

5. Browse the picture which you want to send and click on it and your picture will be displayed in chat.

Note:- It might take some time to attach a picture or to display picture in chat, depending on the size of the picture you had sent.

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