How to Turn Off Facebook Notification Sound

Nowadays almost everyone  in the world uses Facebook and you would have noticed that its developers are adding more and more features and making lots of changes like a timeline, smiley, Send Photos in Facebook Chat and much more to make the user interface better and interesting. In Nov 2012 Facebook Developers have added sound notification feature. This was the test feature and the use of this feature was it was playing a sound when new notification received so that if user is doing something else on his / her computer then can come to know they got notification and check it, but some active FB users find this feature irritating and wanted to know How to Disable Facebook Notification Sound so we have decided to post a tutorial on How to Remove Facebook Notification Sound.

Turn Off Facebook Sound Notification
To Turn Off Facebook Notification Sound follow the steps given below.
1. Log into your FB Account.
2. Go in account settings.
3. After you visit account settings, you will be able to see notifications in left column, navigate to notification and click on it.
4. In notifications, you will be able to see how you get notifications of Facebook. All notifications, sound on click on it and unmark of play a sound when each new notification is received.
5. Click on save changes.
After saving changes you won’t be able to hear any sound / noise when you receive any new notification. If you want to Turn On Facebook Sound Notification follow all steps and mark play a sound when each notification is received.

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