How to View Locked Photo on Facebook

In our previous articles on Facebook, we have posted about different tricks, tips, features and much more. Now we have come up with a new trick which will allow you to View Photo in Full Size. This tutorial will help you to view or download private Facebook Profile Picture using a simple method without using any software or scripts.

View Locked Picture on Facebook

To View Locked Profile Picture in full size or to Download Profile Picture which is locked by owner follow the steps given below.
1. Right-click on the picture and navigate to Copy image URL and click on it.

2. Open a new tab in your browser.

3. Paste the image URL in a new tab which you opened.

Facebook Locked Album URL

4. You will be able to see a link like shown in above picture.

5. You have to delete the link from hprofile to 160 like shown in above picture and press enter.

6. Now Profile picture will be displayed in its original size.

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