Everything You Need to Know About Cell Phone Flashing

If you go to a mobile repair shop you will find technicians flashing cell phones which work on different platforms. Many times looking at them you would have thought in mind that these technicians possess little knowledge about PC and the internet but still they manage to do Cell Phone Flashing so it won’t be the difficult task. You would have also decided that if the same problem occurs next time then you will be flashing your device instead of giving them.

Cell Phone Flashing

What is Cell Phone Flashing?

Flashing is the process of overwriting phone partition with a new firmware. In simple terms, you can say flashing is the process by which you are erasing your existing firmware like Android, Bada, Symbian or any other OS and installing a new firmware in your phone’s ROM. When you flash a phone using flashing tool it will wipe everything like photos, contacts, messages, applications, games and it will be the same as it was when purchased.

Top 11 Reason to Flash Phone

You can flash mobile phones to fix following reason.:

  1. Phone got bricked and not starting at all.
  2. The phone is restarting again and again.
  3. You want to retain warranty of your rooted device.
  4. You forgot pattern, pin, passcode, password etc.
  5. Your phone became slow.
  6. Your phone has outdated firmware.
  7. The phone is starting in safe boot mode.
  8. Applications are not getting installed.
  9. Application or games stopped working.
  10. Cell Phone start consuming excessive battery.
  11. Phone start malfunctioning or infected with the virus.


Prerequisite for Flashing Phone

  • PC or Laptop.
  • Flasher box is mandatory for flashing featured phones.
  • Make sure the battery is full.
  • Flash tool and firmware.
  • Drivers
  • Data cable.


Things To Do Before Flashing Phone

  • Make sure you take backup of your phone before flashing it.
  • Charge the battery at least 50% if you decide to flash it with battery.
  • Verify checksum of the firmware for integrity.
  • Take a note of phones IMEI number and MAC address for fixing invalid IMEI and NVRAM error.
  • After connecting USB data cable to phone, make sure that it is not getting disconnected again and again.


Why should you avoid Flashing Phone?

  • Flashing will wipe all your data hence you should avoid flashing your phone.
  • You might end up getting invalid IMEI and NVRAM error message after flashing.
  • The phone might get bricked if the firmware was manipulated.

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