How to Create System Restore Point in Windows

System Restore is one of the best Recovery Tool in Windows. This tool  helps us to return back our system files and settings to an earlier point without affecting user files. Microsoft has first introduced this tool with Windows ME and continued to offer this feature to its client OSes. Before installing or removing software you should Create System Restore Point in Windows.

Create System Restore Point in Windows

Is it necessary to Manually Create Restore Point in Windows?

Yes. Even though system restore automatically creates a restore point whenever you make changes to your system it is advisable to Create Restore Point Manually before installing or removing any program. If you Create a Restore point before installing any application then it will allow you to fix any problem which occurs due to the installation of an application. Similarly, it is advisable to create a restore point before you uninstall an application. Creating a restore point before removing application will allow you to get back your uninstalled application if necessary.


How to Create System Restore Point in Windows?

Procedure 1:

  1. Right-click on Computer and navigate to properties and click on it.
  2. Click on System Protection.
  3. Make sure System Restore is turned on in protection setting. If it is off you can turn it on by clicking on configure.
  4. Click on Create.
  5. Pop up box will get open and ask you to enter a description to help you identify the restore point.
  6. Type name for eg. installation of antivirus.
  7. Click on create and it will automatically add current date and time to the restore point.
  8. After successful creation of restore point, it will display you a message “The restore point created Successfully”.
  9. Click on close.


Procedure 2:

  1. Click on Start.
  2. In search box type create a restore point and open it.
  3. Click on Create.
  4. Type the name for your restore point and click again on create.

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