How to Use Ccleaner

Ccleaner is a free cleaning and optimization software by Priform Ltd which allows you to clean temporary files, registry, uninstall software, disable start up programs,wipe disk, remove system restore points etc.

Ccleaner software can clean different temporary files like temporary internet files, history, cookies, recently typed URLs, index.dat files, last download locations, saved passwords, thumbnail cache, task bar jump list, network passwords, clipboard  memory dumps, old prefetch data, menu order cache, tray notification cache, window size/location cache, user assist history, log files.
 Ccleaner can also perform various registry cleaning function likes missing shared dll, unused file extensions, ActiveX and class issues, type libraries, applications, fonts, application paths, help files, installer, obsolete software, run at startup, start menu ordering, multilingual user interface cache, sound events, window services. It also allows you to Backup Registry before cleaning it so that if something goes wrong then you can just double click on backup of your registry and restore it back.
It also have uninstaller. By using its uninstalller you can uninstall or remove software which you dont use.
Ccleaner also have feature of disabling startup software. This feature will help you to disable startup of software which is not necessary on startup and make your pc start faster.

How to Use Cleaner ?

1. Download it from Priform or by searching it in Google  Dont worry you dont need to pay anything to use this software its free.

2. Open it and click on run cleaner to clean temporary files.

Note: Unmark empty recyclebin if you have anything important in recyclebin.

3. Temporary files will get clean.

4. To clean registry click on registry which is there inside Ccleaner of left hand side below cleaner.

5. Click on scan for issue and then click on fix selected issue. Then box will show do you want to backup changes to the registry click on yes and choose where to save backup and click on save.

6. After registry backup gets saved box will show. Click on fix all selected issue.

7. To uninstall software click on tools which is there on left hand side below registry inside Ccleaner.

8. Select software which you want to uninstall and click on run unintaller. For example if you want to uninstall or remove internet download manager then select internet download manager and click on run installer. Then uninstall process will begin and you just have to follow instructions.

Note: Cleaning registry after uninstalling software helps you to remove all its registry entries which is not removed after uninstalling the software

9. To disable startup program go to click on startup which is there below uninstall. After you click on startup select software which is not require to autostart when system is started and click on disable so that your pc starts fast.

10. You can delete system restore points if you want to free up more disk space. To remove restore points click on system restore which is there on left hand side below startup inside Ccleaner and then select restore point which you want to remove and click on remove.

11. You can also use drive wiper for freeing up disk space.

Note: Do not choose entire drive option under wipe type. If you use it then all your data will go so use just free up space in wipe type.

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