Top 3 things to Find if Someone else had Used your Facebook.

Nowadays lots of people are victim of hacking, and sometimes they don’t even know if they are hacked or not. Social networking accounts like Facebook can be hacked using many ways like Guessing, Social engineering. Phishing, Tab-napping, Trojans, physical access and much more. So this article will help you to find out if someone else have used your Facebook Account.

Things which will help you to Find if someone Accessed your Facebook Account

So the first thing which you can do is Enable Log in Notification. Log in notifications can be sent via SMS or through email depending on for what you had enabled log in notification. So you might be thinking what is this log in notification and how to enable it and when you will receive it ? So log in notification feature sends you notification whenever you or someone access your Facebook account from a device which you haven’t used before and it contains information like on what time your account is accessed, using which browser and operating system. If you don’t know how to enable this feature then you can read How to Enable Log In Notification for Facebook .

So the second thing which you can do in order to find if you had not enabled log in notification is to go in your settings, and after going in settings navigate to security tab and click on it. After you click on security you will be able to see Where You’re Logged In click on it. This feature will allow you to review and manage your log in and will allow you to end the session by clicking on end activity.

You might be thinking what will be the third thing now which will help us to know if someone have used your Facebook account. You might be knowing that if someone is successful hijacking your session then you wont get log in notification for that particular session. I wont waste much of your time and will directly come to the third thing which will help you to find if someone have used your account. So the third thing is checking your activity log which you can check by going to your profile and clicking on View Activity Log. This feature will allow you to find out activities which you or any other person have did using your account like if you or someone had sent friend request to someone, if someone have accepted your friend request, if you or any other person have liked status, picture, video, whether someone have commented on any picture status or any other thing using your profile or it will help you to find out any other activity which is done using your Facebook Account.

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