Free eBook – WiFi Penetration Testing

The author of this blog and WiFi Penetration Testing – A Practical Guide to WiFi and System Hacking offering eBook for free till 10th May 2017. You can get a copy of it to read on your Amazon kindle app by visiting Download Book.

WiFi Penetration Testing

This book is designed to teach beginners and penetration testers who wants to have practical knowledge on how to hack or penetrate different things such as hacking WiFi, Facebook, Computers, Mobiles and so on using the tricks and techniques used by black hat hackers and professional penetration testers.

This book comprises of seven chapters which are designed to make you a professional hacker in just a few days.

1. Introduction to Wireless Network:
This chapter is just the introduction to Wireless Networks and teaches you about the benefits and drawbacks of wireless networks, wireless modes, encryption, wireless antenna and so on.

2. Penetration Testing Lab Setup:
This chapter is designed to assist you to setup your penetration testing lab and practice all exercises included in this book. In this section, you will learn about hardware and software requirement for setting up penetration testing lab, creating bootable medias, using a virtual environment, wireless adapters, basics about the command line, configure routers and network interfaces, working with files, directories, managing software, word-lists and so on.

3. Hacking Wireless Networks:
In hacking wireless networks, you will be able to learn about how you can perform different types of wireless attacks, which you can use to crack WEP, WPA, WPA2, exploit WPS feature, hacking when network is busy, hacking idle network, hacking a wireless network with no clients connected, perform Denial of service address, reveal hidden SSID, bypassing MAC filtering and much more.

4. Evil Twin and Fake Access Point:
This chapter teaches you about how you can set up a rogue access point and evil twin network to perform different types of sniffing and man in the middle attacks on the wireless clients.

5. Information Gathering and Scanning:
In this chapter, you will be able to learn how you can determine a list of hosts which are live, their MAC addresses, open ports, services running, OS, different types of scanning techniques, identifying security vulnerabilities in the network and systems and so on.

6. Sniffing:
In this chapter, you will be able to learn about how you can successfully perform sniffing, its types, perform arp spoofing, sniffing Facebook passwords, MAC flooding, DHCP starvation and rogue DHCP server, DNS poisoning and much more.

7. Exploitation:
Exploitation is the last and the most exciting chapter in this book. In this, you will be able to learn about hacking wireless client via discovered vulnerabilities, using Metasploit framework, generating Trojans, offering fake updates to the clients, hacking android device and so on.

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