How to Hide Drive using Command Prompt

Have you ever thought if it’s possible to Hide Partition of your hard drive? Hiding Drive can help you a lot when it comes to security. Hiding your disk partition can help a lot to protect your data from other users who are unaware that specific partition is hidden. When someone opens computer icon on the desktop, they won’t be able to see the volume with missing drive letter. Hiding Partition of your hard drive is very simple and it hardly takes 5 minutes to hide or unhide certain partition.

Hide Drive using Command Prompt
To Hide Drive using CMD follow the instruction given below.
1. Go to run and type DiskPart and press enter or click on OK.
2. User Account Control box will pop up asking whether you really want to allow the program to make changes to your computer with yes and no option.
3. Click on Yes.
4. DiskPart will get open.
5. Type List Volume which will display volumes, letters, partition type, size and much more like shown in the screenshot below.
 list volume
6. The next thing you have to type is Select Volume with the volume number. For example, if I want to remove drive E, then I will type select volume 6 and press enter and it will show volume 4 is the selected volume.
7. The next thing you have to type is Remove Letter with the drive letter. For example: In my case, I have selected volume 4 which has drive letter E, so I will type remove letter E and press enter.
8. It will say DiskPart successfully removed the drive letter or mount point and that drive won’t be visible on the computer.
To View Hidden Drive or To Unhide Drive or To, Assign Letter follow the instruction shown above in how to hide drive and instead of typing remove drive letter type Assign Drive Letter with a letter which you want to assign.

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