How to Improve Alexa Rank of site

Alexa is created by amazon corporations which give rank to websites and blogs depending on the traffic the specific site gets and on other factors like how fast sites loads, traffic from bloggers, reviews and much more. Nowadays almost every blogger measure success of blog depending on Alexa Rank and Google Page Rank. Actually, Alexa ranking is not that important but advertising publisher may check Alexa rank before they give you the approval to advertise their ads on your website or blog. Lots of users were asking us in our FB group how to improve their Alexa rank so we have decided to post an article on how you can improve or have a better rank.

Improve Alexa Rank

How to Improve Your Alexa Rank ?

1. Remove Unnecessary Widgets:
Removing unnecessary widgets or gadgets will help to Improve Site Loading Time and thus help you to have a better rank.2. Compress JavaScript:
Compressing JavaScript can help to reduce the size of a template of your blog or website and help in loading blog fast and help you in improving the rank of your site or blog.3. Remove Popup Widgets and Ads:
If you are using popup ads or widgets then it is advisable that you remove them, as some users might find it irritating and won’t visit your website often because of them, and this will result in decreasing your rank.4. Promote Articles on Social Networking Sites:
Promoting post of your blog or site on social networking sites like Facebook, Google +, Twitter can help you a lot. As nowadays almost everyone uses networking sites, and by promoting on such sites can help you to get more visitors and help in improving your Alexa rank.5. Write Regularly :
If you are writing regularly, probably you will get more traffic and more traffic will help you to have a better rank.

6. Impressive Content:
Write such content which people search more often or visit more often.

7. Enable Guest Blogging:
Guest blogging will help you to have more articles on your blog and thus will help you in getting more traffic which will help you to improve your blog rank.

8. Increase Backlinks:
Write articles on other sites and in that backlink your blog, you can also comment your link in comments of another site which will help you to improve the rank of your site.

9. Reviews:
Write a review of your site on Alexa and also tell your friends to write. This will help you to improve your Alexa rank.

10. Install Alexa Toolbar / Widget:
Install Alexa toolbar and widgets and also tell your friends to install Alexa toolbar, as this will help you to improve your blog rank as traffic will pass through their system.

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