Access more than one Account at same time

Some people find it difficult or don’t know how to open more than one accounts of Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Facebook and other accounts. So this tutorial for all people who wants to sign into different email accounts or social networking or any other account at same time.

You would have seen that when you open any one account of particular site and if you have the same account of that site and want to log in both then it is not possible to use directly. for example If you login in a Gmail and if you have one more Gmail account and want to access both at the same time than it is not possible to login in both at the same time so we have mentioned below two simple methods to login in more than one account.
1. To Login to more than one account, you can either use different browser.
For example, suppose you have opened one yahoo mail account in Google Chrome then you can use other browsers like Mozilla Firefox to open other yahoo mail account.
2. You can use a feature like Start Private Browsing in Mozilla Firefox or New Incognito Window in Google Chrome.

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