How to Create Shutdown Shortcut in Microsoft Windows 8

Normally it takes lots of time to Shutdown computer as first you have to go to start and then move your cursor on the necessary option and then to click it. So Creating Shutdown Shortcut can be a better idea, especially in Windows XP as it can save some time. Also in Windows 8 there is need of creating shutdown shortcut because to shut down Microsoft Windows 8 is taking lots of time as you have to move your cursor to the right corner first and then click on setting and then click on power and then click on shutdown.

Create Shutdown Shortcut

Creating Shutdown Shortcut

To create Shutdown / Turnoff Shortcut follow the steps given below.

To Create Shortcut right-click on a clear spot of desktop and navigate to new and then single click on the shortcut, as shown in Figure A.

Figure A

When you single click on Shortcut, you will see a screen which is shown in Figure B. This is the place where you type command of shortcut string to make a new shortcut.

Figure B

The command to shut down a Windows PC is  shutdown.exe -s -t 00 where t 00 is the second after which computer will shut down. Put that command in the command box as shown in Figure C and then click on next.

 Figure C

 After you click on next the screen shown in Figure D will appear where you have to write shortcut name. I will name it as shutdown you can give other name if you want to fool someone and click on finish.

Figure D

 Changing Icon

Even if you don’t change shortcut it will work, but i prefer putting an icon to the shutdown shortcut which we created. Changing icon is very simple.
To change icon right-click on shortcut whose icon you want to change, and then go in its properties as shown in Figure E.

 Figure E

After you click on properties you will be able to see change icon click on it and you will be able to view list of icon like shown in the Figure F. Choose icon which you want and click on OK.

 Figure F

Windows 8 Feature

One of the nice feature of Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista is that it allows you to Pin a shortcut to Start Menu or Taskbar. Shortcut which you pin allows you to access it fast without minimizing anything. To Pin shortcut right-click on shortcut which you want to pin and click on Pin to Start or Pin to Taskbar as shown in the Figure G.

 Figure G

 After you click on Pin to Taskbar. Shortcut will get pinned to the taskbar as shown in Figure H.

Figure H

 Video Tutorial on How to Create Shutdown Shortcut in Windows

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