Top 5 WordPress Plugins you must Install

If you are familiar with the WordPress then you must be knowing why WordPress Plugins are essential. WordPress Plugin allows us to add tons of features to our WordPress site without coding a single line of code. Currently, there are 48,452 plugins available in WordPress Plugins website.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins

Top 5 WordPress Plugins:

Yoast SEO Plugin:

Search Engine Optimization plays a very important role in increasing traffic on your website. Yoast SEO plugin consists tons of features which allow us to improve our SEO. This tool not just allow us to set title and description for a page but it also allows us to set focus keywords. This tools also has a feature to identify stop words in the slug and help to make slug SEO friendly. It also has an inbuilt feature which allows us to Create and Submit XML Sitemap to Google, Bing and Yandex. If you are planning to display breadcrumbs on your website without coding a single line of code then this tool can help you in that as well. Yoast SEO also consists of Readability, Keyword Analysis, and much more features.

Contact Form 7:

Every website has at least one contact form. If you decide to code a form completely from scratch without using a plugin it might take lots of time. So to save time and minimize the burden of coding you can use a plugin called Contact Form 7. Using this plugin you can easily create and add multiple contact forms to your WordPress site within few minutes. This plugin supports Spam Filtering with Akismet, custom layouts, validation error messages, captcha and much more.

WP Smush:

Every website consists of images. If these images are uploaded without compressing then they might take lots of space and lead to slow down our website and affect SEO. So it is recommended that we compress images before uploading it to our site. But suppose if we compress each and every image before uploading then it will take lots of time so to save your time you can use a plugin called WP Smush. This plugin is extremely powerful and allows us to perform bulk smush (compress) images with a single click. This tool also compresses image automatically when you upload it to your website and improve site performance and SEO.

WP Super Cache:

WP Super Cache is very user-friendly plugin compare to a similar plugin called W3 Total Cache. This plugin generates static HTML files from dynamic WordPress site and serves it to 99% users. This plugin is used to cache files from your site and improve site loading speed and SEO. It also offers you to delete cached pages as well.

Wordfence Security:

It is extremely important to protect our website from getting defaced by hackers and to do so we found a very good plugin. Wordfence Security is one of the best WordPress Security Plugin which consists of inbuilt antivirus, web application firewall, a malware scanner, login security, and much more. The best feature I like about this plugin is two-factor authentication. This plugin is also designed to stop Bruteforce attack by locking an account after specific invalid login attempts. It can scan and prevent your website from 40,000 plus known malware signature.  Wordfence is regularly updating its malware signature as well to protect your website from the latest malware.

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  1. I don’t use WP, but have been considering moving my blog over to it. All this talk of plugins sounds a bit intimidating to me. But I guess like most things, you eventually get the hang of it. Thanks for the info.

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